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First Time Wearers

If you are a First Time Denture Wearer, you may choose from the additional packages.  After extractions, the structures in your mouth may change over time as healing progresses.  These choices offer customized care and fitting that delivers an immediate denture for you to wear at the first stage.  You will then receive a Soft Reline to "snug up" your fit.  After a period of 8-12 months, you will be fitted with a Permanent Denture.  At this time, your initial Immediate Denture will be given a Hard Reline which will create a Spare Denture for emergency use.

Your final benefit for selecting one of the First Time Denture Packages will include 1 Permanent, Custom Fitted Denture PLUS another Spare Denture that you can wear in case you are in need of repairs to your Permanent Denture or if your denture is lost.  Plus, you will receive Repair Benefits or a Warranty depending on the denture level you select.